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10 Podcasts I have enjoyed recently

I am weeding today. Making that money

    1. Who Are You: Brian Lawlor- The James Altucher Show

    It got good right in the middle for me. I saw parallels to my own life. I have never been addicted to Heroin but I understand the teaching abroad system. I know how serious drugs are in other countries. I think they showed him his passport because paperwork is a bummer. If he just flees it saves all of them time. At least the cops. I knew about 5 people that did the midnight run in Korea. Not for drugs but because they couldn't handle the culture. It's not like you can just go and find another job. You have to go home. They will track you down and find you

    2. How do you harness the power of one more- The James Altucher Show

    Now I kept getting annoyed during this one. I feel like Ed Mylett is a bro. I felt like he was yelling at the audience. Tony Robbins gets intense when he is on a podcast but he's like I am happy and intense. Ed sounded like he wanted to start something. There was aggression behind his excitement.

    3. Why IQ doesn't matter- The James Altucher Show

    My mom read these books when I was younger. She couldn't figure out why I was such a smart girl but never got good grades.We had conversations about multiple intelligences. Let's just say I shouldn't be a lawyer or a doctor.

    4. How to Make More Money Using Data About Millionaires- The James Altucher Show

    Loved this one. Such great information. I think James is right. He should make a newsletter. I wouldn't be able to afford it. It got me thinking on what kind of newsletter I should start.

    5. How to Make Your Romantic Life Better- The James Altucher Show

    Maybe I wouldn't subscribe to the newsletter because to me the data seems more like common sense. My friends and I have been liking shorter guys on dating apps for a while. The tall guys are either too into themselves or duds. We like smart interesting men. If you're a tall man you don't necessarily have to be that interesting. People like you because you're tall.

    6. How to be the World's Greatest Negotiator- The James Altucher Show

    Teachers are in a rare position to be able to negotiate right now. I really thought I wouldn't be able to at a Catholic School. A parent who had a kid in my classroom 2 years ago asked me to be her childs 1st grade teacher. I would love to teach that class again. I am thinking maybe if I come back with her and ask for 8k more a year I would consider it. I just don't think I can work for a Catholic School anymore. 8K would match my current offer.

    7. Dr. Stephen Gundry- Danica Patrick Podcast

    It changed my whole view on eating. I 100% believe that everything he is telling me is the truth. I just can't do it. I tried for 4 weeks this spring. My energy was a disaster. It was so low. I teach preschool. I can't do that. Loved this podcast however.

    8. Should Toilets be Free? - No Stupid Questions

    I LOVE THIS PODCAST! I miss the old James and Stephen podcast.. was it Ask Anything? I forget. This made me want to come inside and do my random searches. I 100% think toilets should be free. If you need to charge us for cleaner toilets maybe... add a tax. Depending on where you live. Is it a big tourism area? Add a hotel tax. Is it just a local downtown? Add a tax that is associated with that. I don't do taxes. But you can really tax anything right? I remember reading in a book that many homes in England didn't have glass in their windows because their was a glass tax back in the day.

    9. The Nonsense We're Raised With- How Preschool Teachers Do It.

    I heard this one a while ago. They talk about how we instill a lot of guilt in young people at very young ages. I feel that. I dont remember much more about it. I just remember it was interesting. I was trying to get PD credit for it. They wouldn't let me.

    10. Idea List of the Day!- The Most Influential People of All Time- The James Altucher Show

    I love these new series. I hope they do another one soon. I love hearing James, Jay, Robin and Paolo just riff about things. I always have a hard time coming up with lists like this. I couldn't think of 10.

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