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10 Potential High Value Referral Partners

I'm writing this for nutrition coaching clients, but you can do the same for any profession.

    1. Doctors

    Obvious. Perhaps I'll branch this out to '10 types of doctors & why'.

    2. Physical Therapists.

    3. Food Service Businesses

    Particularly in the healthy food niche; juice bars, cafes, organic restaurants, meal delivery services, etc.

    4. CPG Food Businesses

    CPG stands for 'consumer packaged goods' such as protein bars, snacks, baking mixes - any packaged food. Also, these can be found/sold in person or online.

    5. Nutritionists, Dietitians, or similar.

    Some of these won't want to partner with a Health Coach, but others do need help managing the daily practices of clients.

    6. Alternative / Holistic Health Practicioners

    Reiki, Acupuncture, Functional Medicine, etc.

    7. Gyms & Other Fitness Centers

    Wide range here, from Agility Training to Yoga ... this can be branched.

    8. Divorce Attorneys

    Don't people who are breaking up often want to get in shape and hit the market?

    9. Recruiters

    People having mid-life crises and are in the midst of career change could be struggling with their health.

    10. Wedding &/or Newborn Registries / Stores / Businesses

    This needs to be branched, but both critical life events often trigger the desire to 'get healthy' and the willingness & motivation to purchase.

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