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10 Practical Skills to Learn

    1. Cooking

    Learn to cook a few good meals. You'll end up saving money on food and eating a lot healthier. As a result of eating better you'll be a lot happier.

    2. Meditate /journal

    Getting thoughts out of your head will lead to a much calmer and happier life.

    3. Reading

    You can learn a lot from reading. Reading a non fiction book allows you to continue to get smarter and grow. When we are growing we are happy.

    4. Writing

    Writing /publishing books is an easy way to earn extra income. Writing also helps us refine our ideas. It helps us think clearer. As we learn to simplify text our thoughts become a lot calmer.

    5. Art

    Whatever type is up to you. Art is easily marketable (print onto merch). Learn art and you'll have the skills needed to earn extra cash.

    6. Story telling /persuasion

    A good story will beat hard evidence.. We back up the stories we believe with evidence, but the belief comes first. Think of any controversial subject, people believe their story (baby /fetus, man in dress /woman, greatest leader /litteraly Hitler ect). I think if you're able to tell good stories you'll be able to persuade folk a lot better than someone with evidence.

    7. Ask Better Questions

    Questions determin our answers. If you want better answers /solutions, start with asking better questions. Eg. Let's say you'd like more friends. A bad question to ask yourself would be 'why does noone like me?' this type of question leads to a list of reasons you should be unlinked /friendless. How would that make you feel? Instead asking 'how can I be more liked?', a better question leads to a list of actions you can take in order to improve your life. We ask ourselves questions all the time. The compound effect happens quickly ask Better Questions and you'll be happier in no time.

    8. Programing

    A skill I need to relearn myself. Coding changes how you think about problems. Maybe it's not a problem, maybe it's a feature, maybe it's an obstacle we can avoid, maybe a small change will fix multiple problems.

    Coding also allows for another way to make extra money.

    Coding can simplify your life by taking complex tasks are reducing it to a button click.

    9. Networking

    Who's successful in my life? The ones who studded hard and went to uni? Nope. It's the ones who talked and networked. People who new people got jobs easily, they moved up the ranks faster they ended up far more successful than me and others who graduated.

    People care more about people they know and trust than they do a bit of paper that says you know a lot about a subject.

    If you want to succeed, network.

    10. Like something popular

    Sports, music, film, TV, a book. Whatever it is like something. This allows for easy networking. People assume that others with the same likes are like them and we all love ourselves and those like us.

    I'm an outsider for most things, but I've witnessed this work, so I'm trying to get into more popular things.

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