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10 Product Ideas in the Home Improvement/Vacation Rental Space

10 Product Ideas in the Home Improvement/Vacation Rental Space

    1. Housekeeping and Cleaning Management Software

    Manage cleaning schedules, payments, and communicate with your cleaning crew on the go. Cleaners manage crew schedules and appointments, special cases, etc.

    2. Cleaning Machine Rental Aggregator

    Stop checking out at the grocery store customer service desk. Use this to find the machine you need, reserve it, pay for it, and in some cases have it delivered to the property.

    3. Handyman Repair Manager

    Like being your own property manager without the hassle. Find handymen, schedule, and pay.

    4. Fast Private Info Sites for Rental Properties

    Kind of like AirBnb/VRBO, but more personalized - more curated local recommendations, better opportunities for photos and local flair.

    5. Landscaping Coordination

    You own 5 properties, you can't wrangle 5 different landscapers at the same time.

    6. The DIY Property Management Toolset

    Roll all the above into a single place - scheduling, communication, fix-it/repair scheduling, etc.

    7. Marketing for Smalltime Mom n Pop Owners

    In less sophisticated areas, some owners might lose out on profits because they get squashed by bigger operations - let them rise to the top and compete with the big guys.

    8. Rental Targeting for Specific Renter Types

    This could be a list itself: ski rentals for skiers, hiking rentals for hikers (close to trails), special rentals for parties and celebrations. You can adjust your property to niche down for a specific market.

    9. Over the Top Amenities/Add-Ons Inside the Rental App

    Including things like a private party bus one day, or a guided and informative drive to the hiking trails, or someone who is a knowledgeable fisherman to bring you to the best fishing spots - just pay up front and expect superior service.

    10. Security Tied into the Management Software

    Pulls in your locks, cameras, etc. so you know what's happening at your property at all times. Coordinates the booking with names, qualifications, rates, logs problems and requests in real-time and can "score" the renter so you know if they were good or bad and are likely to rent back to them again in the future.

    11. Follow-up Marketing/Deals for Great Renters

    I never really got any of this kind of thing from AirBnb or VRBO but owners should be hammering their top flight renters to get them to come back - give them discounts, include more amenities for free, just plain praise them for being amazing renters - people love that kind of ego stroke - they'll plan their next trip back to your rental property. Why fight for new customers when your return customers are loyal and satisfied?

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