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10 professions, that will still be recognizable in 10 years

Even though artificial intelligence will touch most occupations at some level, some professions will still look the same.

Some themes would be a high level of creativity and human understanding and also low-paying tasks that are complex for machines.

10 professions, that will still be recognizable in 10 years

    1. Detective

    The tools will change, and artificial intelligence will be used extensively to gather and interpret data. The human detective will still have roughly the same role. Other types of law enforcement are likely to be automated, like traffic infractions. Due to constant surveillance, legal interactions will be different.

    2. Minister/Preacher/Rabbi/Priest

    People will still prefer the human touch in these fields. However, there will be AI confessionals and similar resources.

    3. Real estate sales agent

    Although there are currently startups that will let you buy a house over an app I don’t think that most people will do this. For most people, houses are the most significant purchase they’ll make in their lifetime. There will still be the role of a personal agent to help them through.

    4. High end chef

    Many types of food have been made by machines for decades, and quick-service food will be more mechanized. There will still be a place for the high-end chef, who is as much of an artist as a person who prepares food.

    5. Nursing home health aide

    These types of jobs are generally low-paying. The tasks are relatively simple for humans, but the wide variation of tasks would be difficult to teach a robot. Since the jobs are usually low paying, it would not be cost-effective to develop a robot to do this type of work. Robots might become part of the environment, but many humans will still be required.

    6. Sports coach

    While there will be automated drills and skills, sporting is still a human activity. A human coach may train a robotic league!

    7. online teacher: video enabled

    The model will stay the same: a person on the end of a video conference. AI has already started to disrupt education in many ways but people will watch someone present ideas/training over video.

    8. House painter: interior and exterior

    Some tools might become automated but probably not within the next 10 years.

    9. Hostage Negotiator

    I just finished reading Chris Voss' book. AI will help in many ways but there will need to be a human touch

    10. Coding

    What gets coded and how it gets coded will be completely different but it will still be a nerd typing on a keyboard and/or talking to a screen: it will still look the same.

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