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10 Proven Steps To A Longer, Healthier Life.

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    1. Eat less food

    This is often pitched by decreasing the size of plates you use. I actually just see what is a normal meal size and cut it in half. I'm a healthy weight and feel better and more energized when I eat less food.

    2. Get sunshine

    Vitamin D baby!

    3. Juice

    It's like medicine. A potent cocktail of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and so much more. There are many books on the topic of juicing.

    4. Reduce stress and worry

    worry will kill you. Read the book How To Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie. I was reluctant to read it but it's now one of my favorite books.

    5. Herbs

    Herbs are the most nutrient dense foods. But you only use them in small amounts. You can get more by learning your local wild edible plants, drinking herbal teas, buying organic spices and using them more often. Even just adding black pepper to your food helps with nutrient absorption

    6. Maintain friendships

    Pretty sure it's proven that having a good social circle increases lifespan

    7. Focus on finances

    Having enough money for healthcare, good healthy food, living in a safe area, have opportunities for preventative medicine and early detection will be one of the biggest extenders of a happy healthy life.

    8. Play sports

    sports make you move your body in way you wouldn't otherwise. You'll build strength in the small muscles and areas that prevent injuries when you're older.

    9. Sleep a lot

    I saw a statistic that 40% of adults are sleep deprived. I think that number is a lot higher. Chances are you're not getting enough sleep. Going to bed earlier or taking a nap would be hugely beneficial for most people.

    10. Find a cause your care about and do everything you can for it.

    People with purpose live longer.

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