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Matt Ventre


10 Public Service Ideas


    1. Put a park on a flatbed truck and take it to places with no green space

    2. Modern Johnny Appleseed hands out fruit to kids all day long

    3. Mobile kid’s job fair: take that biz course for kids on the road

    4. Instead of taxing and fining little Timmy and Tanya for opening an unlicensed business, SUBUDIZE and PUBLICIZE

    5. Put weight machines and benches next to play grounds so moms and dads have no excuse for not working out

    6. Make it so working at a gov funded psychological or drug recovery institution helps clear your public med school debt faster

    7. Randomly drop off books into those share a book/little library spaces that teach kids to be strong and independent (and take the ones that teach them to be whiny loser victims)

    8. Impromptu music jams for everybody to come and pick up an instrument and suck at it together

    9. Impromptu art shows where everybody can pick up a paint brush and suck together

    10. Impromptu film lessons in the park - make a movie with your friends and post it to YouTube on the spot

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