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10 qualities that make the ‘92-‘95 Honda Civic Si popular at the race track by amateur drivers

    1. vast aftermarket support

    due to the economy of scale, parts and components have become cheap and readily available compared to recent 20 years

    2. it’s lego car

    with a bit of will to learn, one can labor on the car themselves, saving substantial funds that could be use toward entry fee, tires, etc.

    3. vast community knowledge

    there are how to/DIY forum posts and videos that span 20+ years, setting up the car is a couple google searches away

    4. abundance

    although prices are up in recent there are plenty around if you ever need it

    5. relatively higher resell value

    money invested in this hobby will never be recouped, best could hope for is if the value of parts are recovered

    6. lower price of entry

    a well maintained unmodified car with a good set of tires will yield consistent lap times

    7. relatively safe

    this is what is considered a ”momentum car”, there won’t be breakneck acceleration that’ll cause the car to roll into the barriers due to a miss calculation on the track

    8. constant platform improvements

    these cars are always being pushed to the limit by other builders and race drivers

    9. multiple powertrain swap options

    you can fit almost anything in the engine bay with enough knowledge and money but there already proven options that are making over 1000HP

    10. cost of tires

    the most important item on a car is your tires, it’s a wear item and it will need to be replaced more often than a daily commuter car.

    at $800 per set of tires, it’s on the lower end of costs

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