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10 Questions to Ask to Make Better Choices

I'm delivering 2 keynotes in May to the ACFE (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners) and the IIA (Institute of Internal Auditors) . These groups like bringing in the formerly incarcerated to speak so they can learn about the mindset behind the crime we committed. I'd like to leverage these opps into workshops at individual companies and was thinking about "How to make better choices" as a subject.

    1. What is the choice you're presented with?

    Get very clear and specific on the choice/decision.
    Be mindful of the language you use; stick with the objective.
    Are you utilizing rationalizations in your description of the choice/decision?
    If yes, why? What are you afraid of? Why?

    2. Have you gathered as much information as you can?

    Are you wearing blinders in your research or are you being open-minded?

    3. What is the outcome you desire?

    Why do you desire this outcome?
    Is there another way to the outcome you desire?

    4. Have you clearly outlined all possible answers/actions?

    Yes, no, maybe, not now, moving forward, taking a step back, no action at all etc?
    More options, more freedom, less tunnel vision.

    5. Have you clearly identified the worst-case scenario and consequence(s) of moving forward?

    Are you being honest with yourself?

    6. Could you and the people you love live with the worst-case scenario and consequences of moving forward?

    What are the potential ripple effects of your action?
    Loss of finances, home, career etc

    7. Would I want done to me what I'm contemplating doing?

    The golden rule.

    8. If a friend were going to make the choice I'm about to make, what would I say to them?

    Put yourself in someone else's shoes.

    9. Are you making the decision in a vacuum?

    IE - Not discussing with trusted advisors, family or friends?

    10. Are there options you haven't considered?

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