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10 Questions to Ask a Client in an Advertising New Business Pitch

I've won about $1 billion in new business and retained business in my advertising career. Here are some good questions to ask when you're pitching clients.


    1. What's keeping you up at night?

    Good, general starter question that gets the client talking.

    2. What's something incredible about your brand that people don't know?

    A good question to hear what the client really wants to tell the audience.

    3. Who's your ideal customer?

    Find out who the audience is.

    4. Are any of your competitors doing anything you wish you were doing?

    Find out the real competition.

    5. Has your brand done any advertising, in the past, that you admire?

    Sometimes great ideas, campaigns and taglines are in the brand's "attic."

    6. What's your main source of revenue?

    Find out how the client makes its money

    7. If you could do anything from a brand stand-point, what would it be?

    Find out how ambitious the client is.

    8. What's holding you back?

    Find out the obstacles like budget or internal forces.

    9. Who will be involved in the pitch process?

    Find out who has the power to approve or kill stuff.

    10. What else should we know?

    Let the clients talk. Your job is to listen. Talk, Listen, Win. That's the magic.

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