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10 Questions to ask a new colleague

We've had many new joiners at work this month because our company is trying to grow quickly, so I put together a list of useful questions to ask them. My colleagues are one on my favorite parts about work, so I want to contribute to being a helpful resource when they first join and to making them feel like part of the team.

    1. What made you want to join our company?

    I like how many different answers there are to this question. It's also great to see any trends among new joiners.

    2. What was your last job like?

    Can be followed up with "What softwares did you use?", "What kind of work did you do?", "What unique skills do you have?"... anything to gauge what kind of background they're coming in with.

    3. What do you like to do in your spare time?

    This helps get to know the new person in a personal capacity.

    4. Do you have any plans or visions for the company?

    This is a fun one. I'm not usually expecting an answer, but people can surprise you!

    5. What are your priorities in the near term?

    Do they already have a project to work on? Are they going through a training program?

    6. Where are you based?

    This question might not be applicable at all companies, but my workplace is remote-first, so we have people around the country.

    7. What's your preferred communication style?

    I like asking people this outright, even if they don't have an immediate answer.

    8. Who will you be working with?

    This might be obvious, but if it isn't it can be helpful to keep track of the org structure.

    9. Anything else I should know?

    I find that it's helpful to explicitly ask this question too, in case people have additional questions, needs to be accommodated, fun facts... anything, really.

    10. How can I help you?

    I like making sure new teammates know that I'm happy to be a resource for them, at any point. It can make the onboarding process so much smoother.

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