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10 Quests I am doing, want to do again or want to do for the first time

I get bored.

    1. Disney Animated Movies

    I am trying to watch something like 99 Animated Disney Movies in 90 days. I have watched I think 12 with 75 more days to go. This is fun but I feel like I am starting to get bored. All the ideas are very similar. A ride, a food stand, an activity. My boyfriend suggested doing a performance. I find those performances too boring.

    2. 1000 Random Wiki Searches

    I loved doing this. I did it over a spring break a few years ago. My friends were traveling and I was dog sitting. I had a blast. I want to do it again but the excitement of doing it for the first time is gone. :(

    3. A-Z Biography Documentary Challenge

    I want to do this again. But I can't do it while I am doing my Disney Challenge. Too much tv watching. I watch a documentary based on a person from each letter of the alphabet. lol I haven't really finished the first one yet so maybe I should do that. I have like 5 letters left.

    4. Budget Crochet

    Have you seen the tiktoks where people track the weather for a year and each line of their blanket is the color associated with that temperature. I want to do this but with my budget. Pretty colors would be less money and the uglier colors would be more money. I tried crocheting and not my jam.

    5. Read 100 books in a year.

    I hated reading until I hit about 30. This story is so silly. I watched 50 shades of gray and had to know what happened next so I read the next two books. I then read 50 romance novels over a summer. This is when I didn't have a very emotional job. I think once I have a job that I can leave work at work. I will be able to do this.

    6. A-Z Date Night

    I've seen people talk about this. They choose a restaurant from every letter of the alphabet for a year to mix things up.

    7. Youtube/Tiktok or Instagram

    I want to start all of these. But I don't know how anyone does it. I hate seeing myself on video. I want to do all of these challenge and record them. Please if you have ideas on how to feel more comfortable. Share them with me.

    8. Try foods from every country

    My therapist and I determined that travel is my love language. I think it's just newness. I want to try something from every country. I have already had lots. But I want more!

    9. Spend at least 24 hours in each state

    I want to visit each state and discover what it's all about. I have had this on my bucket list since I was 28 I think. I need to start making more money so I can really do this.

    10. Get rid of half of my things.

    It's hard. There's attachment. But I gotta try.

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