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10 random thoughts in my head

Feeling distracted and can't concentrate so let's try this list before I sleep

    1. Why does notePD have to be online?

    Too many digital distractions get in the way. And the browser version on Android is pretty bad. Is is possible to get banned from notePD? Invite me on the podcast

    2. What do I need to do tomorrow morning?

    I guess my budget and pay my bills. I hate not having enough money to do what I want when I want with whom I want. Magic Eden work will prob arrive in late morning

    3. Over promise over delivery

    Yea I'm trying with my current gig.

    4. I'm a magician. That's UNIQUE. The ONLY magician investor

    Despite a PhD in magic, I'm an imposter cuz it's been years since I performed

    5. "Grahhh" It feels like this when I'm unclear on my focus & don't know the fastest way to make 100k per year

    6. 1% a day. But too many ideas

    I see pathways but all are hard. I suck at ecom and need to either sell it or go full blast at something I'm not motivated toward anymore. Why does my curiosity fade after I lean into it too much?

    7. Idea 7 . This is where it gets bat shit crazy

    8. Ok I made myself laugh with that last one. Did I make you laugh too?

    9. What if I turned this list into a twitter thread? Probably will bomb. But easy experiment

    10. Maximum upside experiment?

    Good exp is

    1) big upside. Little downs8de

    2) easy to do , 3) impossible to type here, u learn something and 4 is I forgot


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