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10 reasons for doing the idea list daily (or almost daily)

    1. it is a creative act and it is good to do something creative each day

    2. it allows me to go deep into my psyche and pull out things that I did not realize was there

    3. it develops and maintains the idea muscle

    4. the quicker I can write the ideas and not have to cogitate over them helps to come up with ideas quickly

    5. being able to come up with 10 ideas a day puts one way ahead of most people and gives me the edge to be able to be an idea person

    6. it is enjoyable

    7. it is also a challenge, and it is good to be challenged on a daily basis to help to think outside the box

    8. I am allowed to write the worst crap in the world and as such i am allowed to come up with the worst ideas in the world

    9. where would the world be without ideas, it is the idea people that are able to make an impact on

    10. I find that this practice helps me to be open to look for and allow unexpected opportunities to come into my life

    11. it is a great way to be able to outline for a speech or article or even how I feel about something

    12. a great way to revisit an experience and pull out ideas and impressions from it

    13. if Altucher does and he is one of the most creative people I know then it is worth me doing it also.

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