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10+ reasons for less murders in western society

    1. There is less poverty so it reduces violent crime

    2. Allowing abortion reduced the pool of unwanted angry males

    3. Move to unleaded fuel this reduced the brian damage that resulted in angry male brains

    4. The reduction and destruction of the working classes that shifted to the more genteel lower middle classes there definitely a more harder culture with the working class

    5. More outlets to express anger for males such as video games and violent films

    6. There's lots more surveillance such as CCTV that deters violent acts

    7. DNA testing acts as a deterent as there's the belief you are more likely to get caught

    8. Exponential decay of the perpetrators of crime, i.e the criminal gangs kept killing each other in the 90's so they reduce the pool of murderer's by killing each other and the perpetrators got imprisonment

    9. Strong political leadership in recent years to address violent crime by

    10. The move to cybercrime why get involved with violent crime when there are more rewards in scams and fraud and less likelihood of getting caught

    11. The feminisation of society, toxic alpha masculinity is on the wane there's a definite shift

    12. Males are using more drugs for distraction rather than drink so there a reduced expression of violence

    13. There are not the strong economic ties of domestic relationships there are more options just leave your partner murders off the table as an option

    14. There are less cultural ties to honour and reputation so why put your life on the line just back down and leave

    15. Tied to the above idea people are more likely to say sorry back down and defuse the situation and reduces flash pionts

    16. In some areas of the west there has been the introduction of more stricter gun laws

    17. Domestic violence is no longer a private affair so if this isn't tolerated it prevents the escalation to fatal deaths

    18. Generally a move to more tolerance in society to other groups this prevents the escalation of violence between racial groups

    19. There's been a cultural shift where individuals are more likely to cause harm to themselves and others

    20. Move in some western society to address knife crime and the carrying of knifes agains reduces the ability of men to stop each other

    21. Better physiological interventions out with treatments to reduce incidents of individuals with mental health issues harming others

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