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10 + reasons for why established companies have an autoimmune system that kills off initiative ideas and products

    1. They will not adopt ideas or products that will easily threaten/ replace main product/ business

    2. In a corporate world No is the safest word to say when making decisions

    3. These organisations aren't flexible they are not open to new ideas if it isn't in the manual or apart of custom and practise don't do it

    4. Those at the top know best they got this company to where it is, HOW DARE YOU SUGGEST THIS

    5. They employ like minded outside consultants peddling the same elitism and narrow minded thinking

    6. These companies have many layers of management for an idea to go through it only takes one no to derail it

    7. There is a corporate fear of failure and not the view that innovation learns from failure

    8. The employee's in the company are treated as interchangeable automons who are given no autonomy only instructions

    9. Those at the top have biases that give no value to those at the coal face who see areas and opportunities those at the top don't

    10. Some ideas or products are dismissed because they aren't just grandiose or complicated enough

    11. Those of knowledge and learning just simply dismiss ideas bourne of beginner's minset

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