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10 Reasons Gentlemen should still carry Handkerchiefs

In my world these pocket squares of cloth are referred to as Bandanas, but then I'm not often called a gentleman either.

    1. Stylish way to wave at people

    To attract someone's attention in a crowd, flag down a cab, or just to befuddle the random passer-by.

    2. Wipe away sweat

    Or perhaps Gentlemen dab instead of wipe

    3. First aid

    At least another 10 uses here alone.

    4. Used to carry things

    Like a bindle or on its own.

    5. To give to others in need

    Sometimes, a friend, loved one, or complete stranger is in far more need of a clean handkerchief than you are at the moment. by having a CLEAN one to give you not only help another, you also set yourself apart as gallant.

    6. As a face mask

    Still a thing sometimes

    7. To cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing.

    Far better than your hand or the crook of your elbow.

    8. Polish

    Glasses, shoes, etc.

    9. On the spot cleaning, dusting, or drying

    Think of the park bench, shopping cart, car mirror, etc.

    10. And of course,

    to blow your nose with. Although no true gentleman would be caught dead doing so in public. Again, a discreet dab or wipe if you please.

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