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10 Reasons I Accepted the New Job Offered this Morning

I was hired by a school district to teach GSRP preschool.

GSRP- State funded preschool.

I was asked this morning if I could be flexible and become an Academy Preschool Teacher.

Academy Preschool- Tuition based. I will make more money.

These are the absolutely ridiculous reasons why I decided to take the job.

    1. My assistant will be British.

    I love British accents. She has been a preschool volunteer in the England. She wants to see the differences of teaching in England vs. USA. I want to know that also.

    2. My assistant is young and wanting to learn.

    She couldn't tell me who my assistant would be if I was in GSRP but she told me that she was kind of inexperienced but excited to learn. That is what I want. I don't want some cranky old lady telling me how to do my job. I had that the past two years.

    3. I get paid more money.

    The school year is longer and therefore I get paid more money. It's the same length that my school year was this year. There is no adjusting. Plus it's more like a 30% increase in pay than a 20% increase.

    4. No Home Visits

    I was kind of nervous about home visits. You never know what could happen if you go into someones home. I come from a waspy type of situation. We don't yell in front of company. I think I would want to step in and I don't think your suppose to.

    5. I love rolling with the punches

    I love being seen as an adaptable person. I love when things switch up at the last minute. I was hired at my last and first preschool job a week before school started. Same Same but Different.

    6. Kids might be easier

    If a parent is paying for preschool than it might mean more structure in the home life. If a parent can't afford preschool it might mean a little less structure. These are all assumptions.

    7. More Help from Principal

    She is down to a week away from school starting. She is freaking out. She is like I will help you with everything. Little does she know.. I got this. I will take the help but I still got this.

    8. My mistakes will be seen in better light

    I don't think I will make a lot of mistakes but maybe a few. I think that because I am helping them out it will be seen as "Hey she was thrown in at the last minute, let's cut her some slack". It won't go on forever.

    9. I can cut myself some slack

    I put a lot of pressure on myself to be really good. If I mess up. I freak out. Maybe I won't freak out as much.

    10. I get to compare apples to apples.

    I am basically doing the exact same thing but at a non religious school. Both were tuition based. One is supported by public schools and one is supported by the Catholic Church. I think this is exactly what I want to be doing. I guess we will see.. shrug.

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