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10 reasons I plan my day poorly

It's only about personal tasks and never work-related tasks.

    1. I don't start with the boring and routine tasks first.

    The thing here is that the accomplishment of certain tasks gives us a dose of endorphins so we feel happy and cheerful for ourselves. So in case I start with drums practice, then reading, and playing ball, I receive a huge dose of happiness cause I like this stuff. But when I come to the regular boring things I have to do I face a huge gap in the endorphins dosage which triggers the declining feeling of doing specific tasks which probably ends up as the fact that you abandon the tasks.

    2. Sometimes I skip the rule if the task takes you 2 minutes just do it right now.

    It's so easy. Like call your landlord, put the dishes in the dishwasher, clean up the table...

    3. I don't always keep the todo list.

    Despite the todo apps being my personal guilty pleasure. I just think that only huge things should be added there, like "write a book", and "learn drum part for that song", but not the one like "change the light bulb" which is literally 2 minutes.

    4. I try to fit everything and yet I don't complete anything.

    I just want to keep everything for this day... but it's impossible. It's only 24h, you know?

    5. I think to much about bothering someone.

    I can push the task because it involves some person (like the landlord), but I think they are not in alignment with me right now to do this routine.

    6. I don't always set the goal for the day.

    It can be super high level: make the apartment cleaner, make a progress with the book, and prepare the ground for the next day's task.

    So it's like the sprint backlog, which holds a lot of tasks from different areas but you set a certain batch of them as your sprint goal, cause it will be a critical outcome of this iteration.

    7. I don't always divide equally the things that I have to do and things that I want to do.

    8. I lie to myself that I really want this task to be done.

    9. I add the tasks which I think I have to do but it ends up as I don't.

    10. I don't set deadlines for personal tasks.

    Cause I think they are not life changers. Nobody dies if I would not finish them. But it's my personal stuff, I want this or that to be actually done. So the end of the day as a deadline doesn't work.

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