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10 Reasons I’d Rather Watch The World Series At Home Than Go To The Game

My hometown team is in the World Series and even though I am not a fan of the Phillies I am always amazed at the lengths people will go to be physically at the stadium vs watching from home. As a former low level baseball player I was never one to focus on going to the game and let me explain why. 

    1. Bathroom access

    Long lines. Enough to ruin your night 

    2. Parking

    On a normal night it is $40 let alone the World Series. Plus leaving you can add an additional 60 just getting out of the parking lot

    3. Travel time

    Plan to get there 1.5-2 hr early and plan 1.5-2 hr home plus the 4 hr game = 8 hour round trip

    4. Overall cost

    For 2 people

    Ticket @ $1,000

    food and drink @ $200

    parking @ $50 

    For near the cost of a vacation

    5. Food

    Let's be honest the food is overpriced to astronomical levels and it is usually cold and you have to eat standing up

    6. Miss the tiny details of the game

    The game within the game of baseball is the best part. In person you just see the end result. Watching at home you get to see "why" it happened. 

    7. Insurance against a blowout loss

    The series is 7 games long. A blowout loss ruins you night watching at home but going in person ruins 8 hours and the cost of a small vacation

    8. Have a gourmet meal and heating

    Instead of a hotdog and frozen fingers you could have a steak and 70 degrees in your house

    9. Bowels

    Sorry to be gross but the bathrooms at a stadium (for men at least) are a #1 situation only. You better be able to hold anything else until you go home

    10. 0% chance of a jerk sitting next to you at home vs a 10% some drunk idiot ruins your night a game

    I hate to be a Debbie Downer but going to a game in Philly, this is always a possibility 

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