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10 Reasons I’m Not Making Passive Income

I’ve done a lot right over the past few years to get my business launched, but right now none of my income is "passive." That's troublesome, so I decided to ask myself why.

    1. I’m a B2B Person. Passive Feels More B2C.

    See? That’s why these lists are cool. I just read what I wrote and thought it was ridiculous. Ever hear of SaaS, Marcus?

    2. The Biggest Part of All Formulas is Luck

    I could sell you a course on how I became Expert Vetted on Upwork, but part of it was luck. I can’t teach you luck.

    3. It Depends

    So much of what I do is custom. Figuring out how to package anything intimidates me.

    4. My Active Income is Pretty Good Right Now

    My average rate is $150 per hour and I am consistently sold out.

    5. You Say: $15/Mo. Forever! I Hear: $15

    I’m at the age that I totally get compound interest but This. Just. Feels. Small.

    6. I Need to Set Up Those Links Somehow

    I understand in theory how affiliate linking works. Like I could put a special link here and make money if you bought the software. But it seems like even less than $15.

    7. I Hate the “Passive Income” Talk.

    Holy hell, do I hate it. Look: it’s not passive. It’s invested time now toward a better future. I’m going on vacation soon and wanted a little scratch in my pocket. You know what I did? Picked up a small marketing automation contract on Upwork. I’ll be styling the hell out of those forms and earning money like a modern day coal miner.

    8. The Ven Overlap Between Passive Income People & Crypto People is Disconcerting

    This needs no further explanation.

    9. I’ve Never Been Good at 0-1

    I think I’m really good at 2-35. Average at 35-50. Abysmal beyond 50. As I have no passive income, right now, I'm at 0 in terms of launch. 0-1 is hard for me.

    Key: 2-35 = Inc 500, 100=Apple

    10. I Haven’t Been Doing it Enough

    I’ve been working with a previous client for a few months on an idea. Truth is… he’s been working on it while I’ve been using all the excuses on this list. That needs to change.

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