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10 Reasons Learning To Code is Good in 2023

10 Reasons Learning To Code is Good in 2023

    1. Learning new thing

    Learning new things is good for the brain.

    2. Humbling

    When you think you understand how code works, then you read code written by a kid, and you are like ##*&^EQ!

    Oh, I keep having this humbling feeling even now :)

    3. Problem Solving Skills

    Coding is about solving the right problems most efficiently.

    4. Aha moments

    Software is eating the world. Once you understand how software (embedded as well) works, you will not be the same anymore :)

    5. Build things

    You can easily build prototypes. No need to pay others to do simple API wrapping + simple UI

    6. You can add it to your resume


    7. You will be able to assess a development work for your project

    You will be able to speak the language of your developers.

    8. The script guy

    You will be tempted to automate everything. People will call you the script guy ;)

    From simple python scripts, VBA macros, etc. You will taste the sweetness of automating small tasks :)

    9. Exposure to important tech concepts

    The public cloud, generative AI, algorithms, etc., are things you may come across that are undoubtedly good to know about in 2023.

    10. You will have a story to share

    You can write about your journey, etc.

    11. You will be able to impress your kid coding lego :)

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