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10 Reasons my day was a win

Do you have those days where it just feels like you won that day? I am sitting and reflecting on my day.. today is one of those days!

    1. No School- Woke up at 8

    If I could wake up at 8am everyday. I would. I normally can't so I wake up at 6.

    2. My Intermittent Fasting is getting easier

    I accidentally broke it 30 minutes earlier but I wasn't starving. I was just looking for something for breakfast and found something and forgot that time existed. I wanted to eat before going to the gym.

    3. Went to the gym for the first time in probably 2 months.

    I didn't do a ton. I ran a bit and walked a bit but I enjoyed it.

    4. Listened to the Skip the Line podcast episode

    Super inspiring. I want to be able to tell a story like that guy.

    5. 2 Idea lists

    I wrote two idea lists. They were fun. I enjoyed it.

    6. Suggested to my Boyfriend we should take a road trip to Philly this summer

    He was on board. When you've gone for so long without having a partner that enjoys your ideas it is so refreshing when you meet someone that does.

    7. Saw my dad

    He's got 1-2 months the dr says. I don't know what to say anymore. Oh that would be a good list. He can't speak so I just ramble.

    8. Figured out a place for dinner on Friday

    I wanted it to be perfect. My boyfriend is meeting my sister and brother in law. I wanted it to be low lights and comfortable. We like to go out and get Asian food. I was looking all over and couldn't figure it out. I came up with P.F.Changs. Everyone liked the idea. Yay. Made reservations.

    9. Mega teas can be made with Green Tea

    I was craving my herbal life teas this week but I was worried I couldn't have them because the normal mix has oolong tea in it which is black. Black tea makes my body wonky. But they have just a plain green tea!! yay. I feel healthier drinking the teas than sugar free red bulls.

    10. Founds a dairy free smoothie that I like

    YAY. I also found a dairy free smoothie that I enjoy. PB Oatmeal Cookie. It's really good. I totally enjoyed it. I might have one for breakfast tomorrow! Win win win win

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