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10 Reasons Not To Chase Prestige - Memetic Desire

Lately, I have been reading about Rene Gerard. I want to go all in to read and understand his work.

His memetic theory is quite eye-opening.

Peter Thiel understood memetic desire well, which propelled him to invest in Facebook.

The point of mimetic theory is that our desire is determined by our values and the world we experience and observe.

The goal is how we go from unintentional programming from the outside into self-authoring and self-programming.

The first step is to be aware of this memetic desire and the dangers of chasing too much prestige.

As an entrepreneur, this is critical.

When you chase prestige, you end up:

    1. With a job you dislike or hate

    2. Buying things you do not care much about

    3. Following people that are not adding anything to your life

    4. Chasing richness instead of building wealth

    5. Being unauthentic for not being congruent with who you are

    6. Depressed for not attaining the illusion that is prestige

    7. Being shallow instead of going deep

    8. Wasting the gift of life that was given to you

    9. Blind and not seeing the world for what it is

    10. Missing out opportunities that are hidden in low profile projects

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