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10 reasons the book is better than the movie


    1. More Detail

    The Harry Potter books contain much more detail than the movies. With so much information packed into each book, it is impossible for the movies to capture everything.

    2. Character Development

    The books have much more character development than the movies. You get a better sense of the characters' thoughts, feelings, and motivations, which makes them more relatable and likable.

    3. World-Building

    The books do a much better job of world-building. The wizarding world of Harry Potter is rich with detail, and the books delve deeper into the history and culture of that world.

    4. Subplots

    The books have many more subplots than the movies. Some of these subplots may seem minor, but they add depth and complexity to the story.

    5. Inner Monologue

    In the books, you get to experience the characters' inner monologues, which help you understand their motivations and emotions.

    6. Foreshadowing

    The books include much more foreshadowing than the movies, which can make the plot twists more impactful.

    7. Time

    The movies have a limited amount of time to tell the story, whereas the books can take their time to build the plot and characters.

    8. Cut Scenes

    The movies have to cut scenes due to time constraints or budget limitations. Unfortunately, some of these scenes are crucial to the plot and character development.

    9. Dialogue

    The books have much more dialogue than the movies. This dialogue helps develop the characters and move the plot forward.

    10. Imagination

    The books allow you to use your imagination to envision the wizarding world, characters, and events in your own way. The movies, on the other hand, present a more concrete vision of the story that may not match your own.

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