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10 Reasons the Zogo App is AWESOME


I am a teacher and want to make stupid and easy income on the side. I googled how to do it.

I found something that helped.

It's an app called Zogo and I love it.

So far I've only made $5 but I am creeping up on $10.

If you want to help a Public School Teacher out..my referral code is KATIEU1

I work on the border of Detroit, Michigan and oh my gosh this job is hard.

    1. Understand what James is talking about

    I know that James LOVES to talk about investing and Crypto but I have no idea what he is talking about and just skip those episodes. I might not now. This app pays me to learn about investing and crypto. I learned that Securities are basically Stocks. At least I think that's what I learned. I thought securities had to do with protecting a company.. I have no idea what I thought. I am only on the first module. It only took 3 minutes and I made like 10 cents.

    2. Teaches you how to ask for a raise

    I never know when to ask for a raise because I am never at a place long enough. I am trying to get a raise for my assistant at work. She wants to leave because they aren't paying her enough. Here's a fun fact.. There is a DRASTIC sub shortage and no one wants to be a teacher. They are willing to let her go. I am shocked. I just sent an email begging. I don't think that was right but we just got a surplus of money from the federal government because of Covid. They said ask when the company is doing well. Well public schools have never been more funded.

    3. I understand mortgages and still don't want one.

    I worked in a real estate office, my dad owned an real estate company and my brother in law owned a mortgage company. I live in the Mortgage capital of the world. I didn't really understand the nitty gritty of a mortgage. I do now and don't want one. I never want to own a home. It feels like just throwing money away.

    4. I could potentially start an LLC.

    Potentially. If I wanted to. I don't think I want to. It seems like a lot of work. But I made some change learning about it.

    5. Protect yourself from fraud

    There's a whole thing all about fraud. You could probably make $5 -$10 just learning all about how to protect yourself from people trying to be sneaky with you.

    6. Build a team with in a company

    I don't want to build a company but even if I don't want to it's ok. I can still make money. I do about 1 or 2 modules a night.

    7. Create a Cover Letter

    I think Cover Letters are totally annoying and serve no real purpose except for the fact that you can say.. hey I want to work for your company. OF COURSE YOU DO. I am curious about their advice. I took a course in college that included writing a cover letter. I paid like $500 for it. I am getting paid to learn this.

    8. Ace a Job Interview

    I tend to Ace job interviews. I love to talk about myself and my accomplishments. I am witty and charming and hilarious. I add in completely irrelevant things that are soo relatable. I make friends with the person I am being interviewed by. I wonder if I could write to this company and ask to re write this section. First I need to know what it says.

    9. Understanding Insurance

    I sold Life and Health insurance. It was my job for maybe a year in total. I took and passed the exams on the first try. I scored 87%. lol. Ridiculous.

    10. Teaches you how to become a Freelancer

    James is always talking about how we should be freelancers. Sounds so easy. Just log onto freelancer.com and just say you can do something right? I have noticed that everything that seems super easy has a trick to it. I wonder what the trick is. I just found this one today. I think I will start it when I am done here.

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