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Bill Bergeman


10 Reasons to Embrace Death

It's coming. Are you ready?

    1. Death makes the present moment more vibrant.

    Death tells us that our joy, our pain, or sorrow, and our ambitions are fleeting. Accept it and experience the richness of this moment, as it will never come again.

    2. Life's mistakes and missteps become moot in the shadow of death.

    For all the anguish we feel over some grievous error, does any of it matter in the end?

    3. Death makes us more compassionate toward others.

    To remember death is to remember we are all human. Treating others as some lesser being is nonsensical, as we will all leave this world through the same exit.

    4. Death serves as a reminder that there is a deadline for everything we want.

    Go ahead and put the thing off until tomorrow. But what if tomorrow never comes?

    5. It compels us to take action.

    If not now, when?

    6. Death eliminates anxiety.

    If we embrace our finiteness, then we realize there is no outcome in this world over which to fret. Anxiety is a mechanism that tells us to beware of some fear, but if we embrace death then what is left to fear?

    7. It makes our values crystal clear.

    For if we are fully aware of our finiteness, then we don't have the time to dally. We must know that which is most important to us and pursue it with all our vigor...before it is too late.

    8. Death allows us to witness all that is beautiful in this world.

    Suddenly small cracks in the pavement seem like miracles, the chirping birds sing songs of love, and previous generations' struggles to make our lives better are appreciated.

    9. Death slows the pace of life.

    For what is the hurry?

    10. Death makes equals of us all.

    Remember this next time someone offends, disrespects, or angers. Remember this when envy occurs over someone's fortunate life. Remember this when feeling pity for someone's misfortunes. Regardless of our disposition or status, none of us will escape the same end to our tales.

    11. BONUS: The caveat to all these ideas is that we must always remember that death is coming.

    In our long lives, with all its distractions, joys, failures, and pain, it is easy to forget that for death to enrichen our lives we must embrace the fact that it is coming.

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