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Bill Bergeman


10 Reasons to Never Have a Regret

    1. If you could’ve done something differently at the time, you would have done it.

    2. It is impossible to change past decisions so there is no logical reason to regret them.

    3. A poor outcome does not equate to a poor decision.

    See Annie Duke: How to Decide

    4. Regret and evaluation are two entirely different things. One can evaluate a decision that resulted in a poor outcome without regretting the decision.

    5. Even if an outcome is undesirable, there is always something to gain from it.

    6. Looking toward a beautiful tomorrow always feels better than ruminating over a difficult yesterday.

    7. One has no idea if a better outcome would definitely have occurred had a different decision been made, no matter how likely that alternate outcome seems.

    8. Nothing positive has ever come from regrets.

    9. Armed with new information, would you have made a different decision? If so, why?

    10. If you faced the decision today, would you do it again?

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