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8 Reasons to Stare at a Wall


    1. You Realize That You Have More Time Than You Think

    If you're not already working to your capacity, you start realizing how much time you waste everyday.

    2. You Come Face to Face With Your Real Self

    When you're truly alone without any external stimulus, there is nothing to distract you from yourself.

    3. The Realization That the World Is Not a Series of Screens

    The world is a series of barriers that we put up around ourselves. Often to hide from ourselves.

    4. After Enough Time, the Mind Is Forced to Be Creative to Fend off the Feeling of Solitude

    It could help in the creation of new ideas. Sometimes.

    5. You Gain a Burst of Motivation to Work on the Tasks You Were Procrastinating On

    Cleaning the desk is a much more stimulating alternative.

    6. Dopamine Detox

    Sometimes we can use a break from the things that distract us, and there's no better break for your hypothalamus than to do as close to nothing as possible.

    7. Meditation for the Novice

    The wall is also less judgemental than the narrators from those guided meditations on YouTube.

    8. You Realize That You Need to Paint Your Walls

    This isn't the case for me yet, but it could be if the expression "staring a hole into someone" also applied to inanimate objects.

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