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10 Reasons to Stay in the Corporate Rat Race

" It's YOUR job, use it when YOU need to! "

    1. Health Insurance

    Until you are making a decent amount, health insurance for an entrepreneur is expensive.

    2. Make Yourself Indispensable

    Not by working more, work where you can have an unfair advantage and make yourself indispensable.

    3. Fund Your Project

    Find a job that aligns with your "passion project" and get the company to pay for it

    4. Testing

    While you will need to produce results from your idea, within the project you can test (using company money) As long as you know the overall project will net the company money, they will accept the loss for some ideas not working out.

    5. Creativity

    Having a steady paycheck can allow you to be more creative in your "passion" project, without feeling like you need to make money from it right away.

    6. The Hunger Games

    More than not, there will be a few good men/women who might want to come along with you once you exit. This allows you to see how they work in real-world situations.

    7. Community Building

    Not many people do extra work at work without being paid. This gives you an opportunity to seek out networking events and have the company pay you to go. Bring clients for the company while scouting out contacts for your own endeavors simultaneously.

    8. Systems

    If the company you work for has incredible systems in place, this gives you a chance to copy the systems and see from the inside how they work. Allowing you to keep what's useful and discard what isn't for your own plans.

    9. Find Similarities

    Create idea lists where you find similarities between your work-work and your fun-work. Use the knowledge you have there to create ideas you can use in your own projects.

    10. Work Perks Vs. Raise/Position

    Many promotions don't necessarily come with an added value equal to the money given. Instead ask for more perks, time off, placement, travel, etc.

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