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Katie Ulrych


10 reasons to take the new job

I was offered a public school job. The preschool job is government funded and for low income families.

    1. 20% pay increase

    It's great! I can afford life and maybe just one extra job.

    2. Love the principal

    She's great and sounds totally supportive.

    3. The school is only preschool

    I dont have to deal with kindergarten teachers.

    4. 6 extra kids = i will learn faster

    16 kids ahhh. I will learn how to be a better teacher quicker

    5. 4 school days

    I will only teach 4 days a week

    6. Home visits

    I will be doing home visits in low income neighborhoods. I will learn more about different people.

    7. They arent being pushed to achieve

    Where I taught last year I was pushed to push kids to be at the kindergarten level at age 4. I will actually be teaching 4 yr olds letters and numbers.

    8. New challenges

    I will have more experiences to talk about during interviews.

    9. It feels like a team

    The principal is new and I'm assuming the staff. We will be learning together.

    10. Free lunch

    They are open to me receiving the discounted government lunch. If I don't have to pack my lunch. Omg. It would be great!

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