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10 reasons to use pencils instead of pens

I bought a pack on pencils this morning on impulse. So I thought I'd think of 10 reasons to use them instead of pens.

    1. They're better for the environment

    I could be wrong. But the box says sustainably sourced wood. Plastic pens probably have a huge carbon footprint and just go to the landfill forever.

    2. Pencils don’t smudge

    Ever get a smudgy pen that makes your paper and the side of your hand look gross?

    3. You can help your kids with homework then erase the evidence

    I always appreciated help :)

    4. Sketching is more fun with a pencil

    Looks better too.

    5. You may be more inclined to practice a new skill like sketching or practicing math since you can erase

    times tables anyone?

    6. You always know exactly how much pencil you have left, where a pen can run out of ink at any time

    Better have a sharpener though

    7. Less likely to ruin a page, spot in a planner, address book, birthday card, hand written note

    Ever had to buy a new card because you ruined the one you started writing on?

    8. Nobody will know if your bad at spelling. You can fix words instead of scribble them out :)

    That good 'ol eraser

    9. They make you look smart

    You know it's true

    10. They’re incredibly cheap

    Got 20 for a dollar!

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