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10 Reasons to Wake Up Early

I've been waking up early all my life. It's nothing special to me. I guess you can say I'm a morning person, though I've never thought of myself as such. I simply naturally wake up early, typically between 3:00 am - 5:00 am, depending on how much sleep I need and what I have to do that day. Over the years, I wasted a lot of that early time (watching news, surfing the web) and took advantage of a lot of that early time (doing long runs, writing).

The following list comprises the advantages I learned from waking up early all my life.

    1. It gives you a feeling of satisfaction of being up before the rest of the world.

    There is something gratifying knowing that you are awake before nearly anyone else.

    2. Waking up early allows for uninterrupted time in your day before the rest of the world's priorities eventually interrupt you.

    Eventually, the dog will need to be walked, the kids will need to be driven to school, the meeting will need to start, and the emails will need to be answered. Waking up early allows time for your priorities and well-being before everyone else intrudes on your day.

    3. Get 'er done.

    If you need an extra hour to complete a personal project, submit a work assignment, write an article, or finish a house chore, waking up early will allow you to get it done.

    4. When you wake up early, you have more time to get a workout in before the day starts.

    The "I have no time to exercise" excuse instantly loses credibility when you wake up early.

    5. You get to see the sunrise.

    If you have not seen the sunrise in a while, then you are waking up too late.

    6. Waking up early increases productivity.

    Most low-energy time is in the evening. Waking up early forces you to go to bed earlier, thereby increasing the amount of high-energy time we have when we're awake and reducing the amount of low-energy time.

    7. It makes you feel like you're kicking everyone else's ass.

    Waking up early always gives me a healthy bit of ego boost.

    8. Waking up early allows time for quiet contemplation.

    Early mornings are the perfect time for prayer, meditation, and long walks or runs.

    9. Waking up early reduces stress.

    If you are stressed about something, waking up early allows more time and space to come up with creative solutions. Further, you will feel less stressed simply by being less rushed.

    10. You have a better chance of getting through your day's to-do list.

    Got a lot on your plate today? When you have a lot to do, it helps to have the extra time to get it all done.

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