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10 Reasons Today Feels Magical

I did it! I turned my week around. I turned it around over night!

    1. Lots of Sleep

    I went to bed at 4:30 and woke up at 8:30. I had some food. I then went to sleep at 11 and woke up at 6! I got all the sleep. I needed it.

    2. I dressed for how I wanted to feel.

    I put on my cactus dress. I then put my hair in little pig tails on the top of my head. I channeled my inner preschooler. I feel good.

    3. I stopped worrying about the performance

    It's going to happen. I can't stop it. What is the point of worrying about it?

    4. I got Pad Thai

    I still have my lunch sitting in the fridge from yesterday. I still didn't want it. I went and got pad thai.

    5. I am eating normal but also more healthy

    The Keto Code diet really caused me some problems. My energy was really low. I had headaches. I didn't function well. I am functioning now. I am not stressing over the food I eat. I am just doing my best to eat healthier.

    6. I started. (boys you might not need to read this part)

    Girls: I started. A little earlier than normal. OMG. It was a doozy. My emotions were all over the place. Sometimes you just need to start. Avoid people until you do.

    7. I have been hugging these kids all day

    Full on big bear hugs. Couting them til 10 and then hugging them again. I will miss these hugs and snuggles over the summer.

    8. I am still cute.

    lol. A guy I talked to on a dating site 2020 covid messaged me on the app and said I was still cute. He's still cute. I stopped talking to him because he was really into Oasis. That's weird right. I shouldn't not give someone a chance because they really like Oasis. We're going to go out sometime next week.

    9. I am not thinking about anything except right now

    I am just living in this moment.

    10. These kids are magical little creatures

    I really don't care if the teacher next year says they are monsters. They are my magical little creatures. They have wonder and magic in their eyes. I asked them the question "What is one thing you learned that you need to know to be a kindergartner?" They said "We learned to be kind." Mic drop. Job done.

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