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10 Reason's Why A Cemetery Can Be Motivating

Part of my morning running route is to run through a cemetery. For some reason I feel very motivated. Especially when I'm doubting myself. The cemetery reminds me that one day I'll be gone, so I might as well live my life without any regrets.

    1. Death Is Inevitable, So Why Not Really Live

    The fact that we know that we're going to die one day is a lot to take in. I don't think we really process the idea that one day we'll be gone. My philosophy is to not hold back or regret having not done something.

    2. It Makes You Realize That You Have Little To Lose By Trying

    If you're holding yourself back, there's nothing like passing a cemetery to remind you that life is way too short so why not TRY.

    3. Few Will Remember You 100 Years From Now, So Go For What You Want

    We tend to be afraid to do something in fear that we'll look foolish, or fail, or embarrassed and yet I say, who cares - truly, no one will remember, nor are they really that interested in you - others are too busy doing their own thing.

    4. Life's Way Too Short To Sweat The Small Stuff

    Worrying or belaboring the small stuff is a waste of time - and time is way too short.

    5. It Motivates You To Take Chances

    Knowing that you're going to leave this planet one day is a GREAT kick-in-the-butt to take a chance on yourself.

    6. You Never Know When It'll Be Your Time, So Make The Most of Life

    You never know. Don't hold yourself back.

    7. It Keeps You Humble

    There's nothing like death to even the playing field. We are human. You can't take your possessions with you. Knowing this makes 'keeping up with the Joneses' a moot point.

    8. Reconfirms That There's No Time Like The Present

    You ONLY have today. Make the most of it.

    9. Motivates You Stay Healthy

    Staying healthy is key. Without your health ... you have very little else.

    10. Realize That Things Don't Have To Be That Difficult

    This goes back to not sweating the small stuff and yet more importantly, it's about being a good and kind human being. Actions truly do speak louder than words - be a great human!

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