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10 reasons why companies don't automate


    1. Not a priority

    The cost of automation exceeds the cost of running a makeshift solution or hiring a low-cost resource. Their frequency of the process or report in question is not high enough for just an automation solution.

    2. Lack of Knowledge / Awareness

    Companies are unaware or have not researched automation solutions to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

    3. Maintaining Fiefdoms

    In large companies, power and status are reflected by the number of people underneath you. Automation reduces staff, which could lead to diminished control and influence.

    When you lose too many chess pieces, you forfeit the game.

    4. Support and Maintenance Costs

    Large-scale RPA solutions require support and IT infrastructure. Outside vendor or consulting costs can chew into ROI.

    5. IT red tape

    Large companies have to adhere to information security regulations like SOX compliance. Introducing a new technology requires reams of testing, compliance, and project management.

    6. Resistance

    Staff fear losing their jobs to automation, making change management a significant challenge.

    7. Lack of resources

    There might be insufficient budget or people resources to bring effective automation to fruition.

    8. Shadow IT Competition

    Another not widely discussed reason is when a company's analytics team are used as a shadow IT function because of budget constraints and the red tap associated with IT. Instead, companies repurpose data analytics teams to not only develop reports but also automate reports and processes.

    A large-scale solution like RPA would compete with a data analytics team if they were placed in the role of shadow IT.

    9. Past issues with automation

    It is possible that small-scale automation projects had poor results in improvements and were scrapped due to overbudgeting, poor planning or support.

    10. Failure in automation would lead to something catastrophic or high risk

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