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10 Reasons Why COVID-19 is About to Have Another Big Surge in the United States

I know this is not the most positive list. But, I can't help but notice these trends that suggest we will see another COVID-19 surge soon in the U.S. (maybe across the globe). Does anyone else notice these same trends?

    1. Almost no one wears masks anymore.

    I do not advocate for mask mandates in any capacity, but there is no question that whenever people consistently wear them, virus rates go down. You can't deny facts.

    2. Most people are back to working in a physical office again.

    Even though scads of data have come out suggesting people are happier and more productive working from home. Not to mention healthier. Well, say goodbye to all of that and say hello to people in offices working in close quarters and getting COVID (and hating their jobs again).

    3. Most people just don't give a sh*t about it anymore.

    Let's be honest, most of us have 'COVID Fatigue.' I get that. But, a pandemic is a pandemic. People aren't going to stop getting sick just because they're tired the virus is still around.

    4. Most people who got vaccinated, including a booster, got it in 2021.

    So, it's losing its effect. Another booster for everyone has been proposed, but not yet approved.

    5. Almost no one practices social distancing anymore.

    I like practicing social distancing all the time now, but it seems few other people do. All of those stickers on the floor at store checkout lines telling people to stand six feet apart seemed to have vanished.

    In my opinion, people stand too close to one another, COVID or no COVID, and now that we all understand how far our breath sprays liquid drops all over the place when we exhale (gross), who would want to stand so close to people in public places again?

    6. Grocery stores no longer sanitize shopping carts.

    Remember when friendly mask-covered grocery store workers would greet us outside with a freshly-sanitized cart and a squirt of hand sanitizer before entering the store? I loved that, especially because most shopping carts are gross, so seeing them get regularly cleaned made me happy. Alas, shopping carts are no longer sanitized and in turn, they getting gross again.

    7. A new variant keeps popping up every few months.

    I lost track of which variant we're on now, but I know they keep coming hot and heavy.

    8. At-home testing is skewing COVID statistics in the wrong direction.

    It was relatively easy to track contractions, hospitalizations, and deaths when everyone had to get a test at a testing site. All testing sites reported their numbers to their local health service, and BAM - we had stats. Now, more and more people are understandably getting at-home tests, but of course, few of them are reporting their results. So, rates are almost certainly higher than what we see reported.

    9. More nurses may be quitting their jobs.

    Reports are coming out that nurses are increasingly interested in quitting their jobs. Here is one that claims over half (half!) of all nurses want to quit their jobs: We stressed the hell out of them during the pandemic, and it seems they aren't getting much respite now that the situation is relatively improved. If large numbers of nurses start quitting, it's only going to make the situation worse.

    10. Most men don't wash their hands.

    I'm ending on quite the high note here.

    As a man, I have a lot of experience visiting men's restrooms. I'm very diligent about washing my hands. We know that consistent hand washing reduces the spread of all kinds of bacteria and viruses, including COVID.

    What I'm about to say is gross, I know, but here is a news flash: I observe most men do their business and leave the restroom without washing their hands. Keep that picture in your mind next time some dude wants to shake your hand.

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