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Bill Bergeman


10 Reasons Why Everyone Is So "Busy"

Is all this so-called busyness really leading to a better life?

Or, is it leading us away from it?

    1. We fill our lives with tasks to avoid the numbness of doing nothing.

    2. Being "busy" is a status symbol that we rely on to suggest we are important people doing important things.

    3. When we say we're busy we're really saying we're doing worthwhile work - even if we don't truly believe it or know it to be true.

    4. We're busy because we're avoiding loneliness.

    5. We fill our lives with busyness to avoid the sensation of time anxiety.


    6. When we tell loved ones we're too busy to spend time with them, we're really telling them whatever supposedly important task we're doing is more important than them - and we are bizarrely okay with that.

    7. A legitimate reason to be busy is when we're working on a passion project that will provide real value to ourselves, our loved ones, and the world.

    8. Some people, such as parents who have to work multiple jobs to make ends meet for their children, have no choice but to be busy.

    9. For those more fortunate, busyness is a choice, even when we're thrust into circumstances beyond our control.

    10. People who choose to be busy have not stopped being busy long enough to conduct the necessary introspection to discover what they most value in life.

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