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10+ reasons why I am stronger than the problem

    1. I am still standing if were weaker than my problems I wouldn't exist

    2. I question is this problem real or a fiction of my thoughts . If fiction poof! It's gone

    3. I use simplicity to identify the problem , what is the problems purpose why is it here

    4. Reframe the problem is it an opportunity, is it a challenge is its threat immediate

    5. I can use probability to access it's outcome, what's the probability of its threat level and outcomes, what's the probability of known strategies and tactics overcoming it

    6. I know I can use the leverage of other people such as mentors, books ,blogs , pod casts and You tube videos of known solutions to existing problems. I can collaborate with others to overcome the problem

    7. I know that I can leverage my own creativity to take down or own the problem. My 10+ ideas a day list are a great indication of my creativity

    8. I can pivot so if the problems changes in the time frame, so can I , if it's not working I can switch to strategies and tactics that do

    9. I have an abundant arsenal of resources and competencies that I can reach out and employ. We live on amazing times.

    10. I am using mental models to identify how I can be more effective when dealing with problems , that way I select the battle ground on where and how the problem is dealt with

    I can expose my problems to the universal truths of the universe to ensure that my ego isn't getting in the way 

    11. Also I will acknowledge my weaknesses but not to undermine by problem solving abilities. Awareness of my weaknesses makes me 💪

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