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10 Reasons why I don't feel as thought I have as much time this month as last month

In previous months I got a lot more done (specifically reading and writing), now I don't seem to have the extra time that I did.

10 Reasons why I don't feel as thought I have as much time this month as last month

    1. I don't have a deadline

    I need to make a better one. I have a calendar, but the deadline is too vague and far in the future

    2. I have been getting up later and going to bed later

    I don't use an alarm these days and am up by 7:30 but this leads to staying up later and repeating the cycle. Not very much useful stuff happens after 9 PM

    3. I bought a Gran Turismo 7 VR game

    No regrets, that game is a lot of fun and looks incredible (I have been playing GT games since 1998) but it does take a lot of time.

    4. I have too many side projects and not enough focus

    I get a little done on a lot of projects and don't complete any

    5. I don't have an "accountability partner"

    Just posting something publicly on the internet (notePd) has been a sufficient motivator.

    6. Multitasking (AI)

    In an attempt to get more done, I fell into the multitasking trap. Instead of focusing on one task at a time, I found myself juggling multiple tasks simultaneously, resulting in decreased efficiency and a sense of time slipping away.

    7. Failure to Delegate (AI)

    [human note: I left the whole AI comment below. I did not use AI and automation quite as much this month as last month]

    I took on too much responsibility and failed to delegate tasks to others who could have helped lighten the load. By trying to do everything myself, I ended up stretching myself thin and feeling like there simply weren't enough hours in the day.

    While it may seem like time is slipping away from me this month, I recognize that it's within my power to regain control. By learning from these reasons and making adjustments to my approach, I can reclaim my time and create a more balanced and fulfilling schedule. It's all about prioritizing, setting boundaries, and making conscious choices that align with my goals and values. With these strategies in place, I'll be able to make the most of my time and feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of each day.

    8. Burnout

    After completing (too) many side projects in April and May, I am kind of fried in June and July.

    9. Pockets of time inefficiency throughout the day

    There are hours in the day between the end of work and finishing dinner that are ineffective. It is baseball season and we usually have a game on, which leads to sitting on the sofa.....

    10. There are ebbs and flows of energy and effectiveness throughout the year

    So just roll with it. Also, by thinking of "12 week years" the ebbs and flows are compressed. I wasted a lot of years in the decades of my thirties and forties because I had a lack of direction and motivation. Now I am making conscious efforts to compress these cycles.

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