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Bill Bergeman


10 Reasons Why I Got Rid of 95% of My Possessions This Morning

I moved into a short-term brand-new condo rental and in the process I sold, gave away, or threw out most of my belongings.

    1. I want to define my life by what I do and not what I own.

    2. I spent a lifetime worrying about storing, maintaining, and cleaning my things and now that's all gone - along with the worry.

    3. I felt weighed down by everything I owned.

    4. I genuinely feel lighter now.

    5. Having fewer things will allow me to live a more nimble life. To travel wherever and whenever (more or less) I want.

    6. I can sample multiple homes and experiences in various places without being tied down to a house and all its necessary maintenance requirements.

    7. Most of the stuff I owned was 10+ years old anyhow.

    8. If I ever purchase a home again, I'll be able to start fresh with all new things rather than force-fitting old things into a new place.

    9. Moving with few possessions is super easy compared to owning a huge house full of stuff!

    10. I just don't care about having all that stuff anymore.

    11. BONUS: I already don't miss any of it.

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