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10 Reasons Why I love my dog

We are going to have to put her down tomorrow. She has been sick for a long time and treatment hasn't worked.

10 Reasons Why I love my dog

    1. She always made me smile

    No matter what I was doing. Or how I was feeling. An instant mood changer. An instant perspective changer. Things aren't that bad when a dog wags its tail at you.

    2. Loyalty

    This dog never wanted to run away. Was always by our side. She has a fierce bark, but only when she is trying to protect us.

    3. She made me cry

    Haven't cried in a long time. Just did it today. I love this dog so much and I feel bad.

    4. Brought our family closer together

    We all liked to take care of her together. Made us work together. Take her on walks.

    5. She loves the car

    She just likes to ride around. Sometimes, she would complain bc she didn't get to ride in a car that day. So, even late at night, I'd take her around the block.

    6. She was grateful

    We didn't have to feed her fancy foods. She was just happy to get something. Which made us want to give her even better things. She was very content. I think she lived a very tough life before we got her.

    7. She was beautiful

    I thought she was a good-looking dog. Tough and strong looking, but still pretty. People always thought she was a he.

    8. So sweet

    So nice. Always knew when you needed some affection.

    9. Smart

    She learned some tricks with very little training. Probably could have taught her more things.

    10. Made me a better person

    Just caring for her. Thinking of someone else. Keeping her on a schedule. Going to miss her...

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