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10 ++++++ reasons why I'm a loser, that have been highlighted to me by listening to Andrew Tate's podcast interviews with James Altucher & Rob Moore

    1. I am arrogant because I rely on my ego. By focusing on me I am constricting my universe to what little I no. I am my own obstacle.

    2. I follow other people's rules most of the time. I am a compliant pleb 99% of whst I do dictated by others

    3. I don't pay enough attention to what going on around me. I have become oblivious to the obvious by not being present taking it in.

    4. I don't ask enough questions to test my own limiting assumptions.This includes the views of others within my net work

    5. I think being competive is about zero sum being alpha male it's not it's about seeking advantages

    6. I don't exploit my own curiosity to explore and challenge myself I don't look to see what's outside the box

    7. I am too complacent in being mediocre I am comfortable with my pain in being a loser

    8. I don't seek to meaningfully expand my network or seek new partnerships I know full well about you being the average of the five people you hang about with

    9. I don't fully employ the resources I have to hand including natural abilities and finance and other sources

    10. I am scared of making the decisions and choices that would result in real change and wealth in my life

    11. I haven't listened or taken on board the advise from others that would have made a real difference if I'd taken it in the first place

    12. I'm a quitter when things get hard I drop out . When faced with difficulty I adopt patterns of procrastination to aviod the pain of challenges

    13. I'm not a go-getter I don't push myself . It easy I have outsourced this to others by abdicating difficult decisions. I don't delegate.

    14. I'm not a calculated risk taker . I don't correctly access situations to find out what the real risks are and can I try ake them of the table altogether m

    15. I'm not a good listener. Instead I am tobeager to fill the space with my own blather. It's ego fuelled with my own importance when deep down I know that I can learn from the stories of others

    16. I'm not a good communicator that's why I have failed to connect with others. I've not adopted the micro skills to tell better stories

    17. I'm not passionate enough, I,m not utilising what passions I have I,m too happy just to scratch the surface

    18. I'm not persistent enough, I let procrastination win out I seem to be incapable of hanging in their.Its an aversion to being incomfortable

    19. I'm don't exploit my originaity l enough. I use the power of labelling to pigeon hole myself into non effective categories of self worthlessness. I am writing myself off before I start

    20. I'm using my lack of confidence as an excuse for not moving forward. Instead of doing activities that grow my confidence I'm hiding behind these weaknesses.

    21. I'm not disciplined enough I let myself get distracted by soothing activities that null the pain and discomfort that I should use to propel ne

    22. I am not adopting a mind set of not giving a flying f**k when trying new ideas or expressing what I think. I putting too much emphasis of being validated by others

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