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Anand Narayanan


10 Reasons Why Mid-Career Professionals Struggle To Get Placed In New Jobs

    1. Limiting Choices By Ignoring Transferable Skills

    Applying to jobs that are similar to their old ones and have a scope of work they have already done in their career

    2. Lack Of Self-Awareness

    Not proactively crafting a career role that is exciting for them and going with what is been advertised/available on job sites

    3. Not Leading With Value

    Not understanding the pain of the prospective employer and defining a case for how they are the best person to come in and create a turnaround

    4. Failing To Master New Skill Sets

    Thinking of new skillsets only when they are about to or have lost their job

    5. Band-Aid Approach

    Blindly doing certifications thinking that is going to be the defining factor in getting them selected

    6. Not Owning Their Value

    Not having built any thought leadership or Expert status there is no network of strong individuals to lean on in times of need

    7. Under-estimating & Under-selling

    See a job as a means to pay bills instead of true self-expression of their human potential

    8. Lack of differentiation - Factory worker mindset

    Following the standard HR recruitment process instead of proactively engaging with the Hiring Manager

    9. Not Defining Qualifying criteria for Employer

    Not defining the criteria based on which you will accept or reject an employer or their offer. eg: Is the Salary /perks? Is it Flexibility or is it Autonomy?

    10. TGIF Mentality

    Weekends are a well-deserved break to mentally recharge for the next week. However, most folks use this to eat out party with friends and spend hard-earned money which puts them further behind both financially as well as in the job market. Instead, they could use this time to understand their areas of curiosity, devote themselves to learning, and upskilling, executing passion projects which would add more to their existing skill set

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