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10 reasons why people don't run for political office

There's a story in one of my area newspapers about how some candidates are being "acclaimed". It mentioned that, "low pay, long hours and deteriorating public discourse, including a rise in threats to elected officials" are some reasons for this.

I will try to come up with a few more.

    1. Indifference

    A lot of people don't vote, which means they won't run for office.

    2. Public life brings on too many changes

    So much changes when you're a public figure. I remember Barack Obama saying in a 60 Minutes interview shortly after he got elected President that he couldn't take a walk or get his haircut from the guy he used to back in Chicago.

    3. Too much desk work, not enough time in the community

    A lot of reading legislation, debating it, changing it, reviews, committees, and on and on. If you go in expecting a lot of community involvement, you might be surprised at how little of that you actually do.

    4. Nobody thinks you're telling the truth, even when you are

    Yes, some politicians are corrupt - and that's how the bad apples taint the reputation of the good ones who are trying.

    5. Nobody cares about the work you're doing/ it's a thankless job

    Lots of people don't care about politics, they're just trying to get through their lives. Many can't name their councillor or provincial/state elected officials.

    6. Other elected officials

    You get attacked by the media, citizens, and also other elected officials, who can make your life miserable.

    7. You have to campaign every four years (or shorter)

    This is the worst performance review ever.

    8. Your job isn't respected

    What do people think of politicians? Here are a few words: Lazy. Corrupt. Liars. Swindler. Incompetent. Entitled. This is different from the abuse. It's the reputation of the job.

    9. You feel that you can't change things

    See number three on this list. What if your community/state/province really needs something or a cause you believe in needs to be addressed? You might not have the authority to do anything about it.

    10. You have to tow the party line

    If you want to be a politician beyond the municipal level in North America, you have to join a political party, where you have to say and agree with everything the party wants. No room for individual thought.

    11. You have to be media-savvy

    If you're campaigning or introducing a new initiative, you have to know how the media works, especially if you have to do a press conference or make a public statement. Just extra work that takes away from your actual job.

    12. Politics is a blood sport

    People in politics aren't loyal - there's backstabbing and someone's always trying to get you fired. You know that trope of the executive assistant running against the person they worked for? That. How can you get any real work done?

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