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10 reasons why selling is an important skill to learn

    1. Everybody sells

    Not just salesman. You sell your ideas to your boss. You sell ideas to your family (if you're trying to convince them of something)

    2. Selling has many micro skills which can help you

    Negotiation. Communication. Storytelling. Persuasion to name a few.

    3. Good selling comes from truly believing in your product or service

    So first thing is to create solid products and services.

    4. If you can sell, you can work anywhere

    Tell me a company that doesn't need to sell.

    5. Sellers are in high demand

    See point 4. But also consider that not everyone is good at selling.

    6. Selling is both an art and a science

    It requires a certain type of person to be a good seller and if you aren't a good seller, there's a growth opportunity

    7. If you learn how to sell, then you can learn how to sell yourself

    You can get a better job.

    8. You can beat salespeople at their own game.

    This helps you get better deals on big purchases.

    9. Selling helps you understand human psychology.

    Very useful being able to read people and understand their thought processes.

    10. You can add your 'selling' skill to any other skill to multiply it.

    Know everything there is to know about botany? You can sell that knowledge through digital products. Know everything there is to know about websites? You can sell your services to website agencies.

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