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10 Reasons Why The World Is Rife With Opportunities

An abundant world.

    1. Content Creation

    It has never been easier to write and publish a blog, a book, or a course.

    You do not even need to start your own blog; you can use platforms like Medium or Substack.

    2. Testing Ideas

    You can build a website in two hours and a prototype in a week. You can build a Shopify site and sell without owning or producing anything.

    3. Building Things

    Services like AWS, Alchemy, Upwork, and Fiverr democratized access to resources with pay-as-you-go without commitment.

    You can build a production-grade tool or application using open source and managed services.

    4. Demand for Personal Stories

    And if you fail, you can turn your failures into a book, Twitter threads, and blogs and build an audience.

    5. Learning Anything

    Youtube, Coursera, Udemy, masterclasses, and cohort-based courses make it easy to learn directly from the pro.

    6. Audience Building

    You just need to have something interesting to say regularly. Social media is making it easy to build an audience.

    7. Access to Capital

    You just need to have a good story, passion, and commitment. You dont even have to know what you are doing, sometimes.

    8. No Shortage of Issues

    Technology brought opportunities and challenges.

    9. Global Expansion at You Fingertip

    You can sell your products all over the world. You can launch your site in many languages, translated automatically.

    10. Ubiquitous Data

    You can access any data. AWS Data Exchange gives you the world data at your fingertips. It is up to your imagination to squeeze insights from it.

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