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10 Reasons Why You Should Stop Planning And Start Doing

Unless your personality-type dictates that you gain intense satisfaction from in-depth and detailed planning...

Here's why you should just plan less and dive right into new projects:

    1. Planning makes things too predictable and takes away from the pleasant surprises along the way.

    2. Planning means you have to follow the plan, which means you have less opportunities to enjoy being creative.

    3. Most people can't really see that far ahead, so your plan is probably flawed anyway.

    4. The world is constantly changing faster and faster by the day, and your plan is probably already obsolete by now.

    5. After everything's been planned out, getting the plan done just becomes a chore.

    6. Planning time takes away from action time, and you only have 24 hours in a day.

    7. Planning prevents you from taking full advantage of your intuition and the powers of your sub-conscious mind.

    8. Planning creates a sub-conscious tendency to keep following the plan (even when it's not working) because you don't want to waste all the time you put in.

    9. Planning often tricks your mind into thinking that you're being productive and getting stuff done, when in actuality you're not.

    10. It is often not the strongest or smartest than survive but the most adaptable.

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