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10 reasons why you want to invest in fuel management


    1. Prevent fuel theft

    You will be notified about when and where fuel thefts happen. You can stop stealing in progress. Plan on safer parking spaces. Monitor behavior of drivers and maintenance staff.

    2. Control Fuel spend

    Monitor and control fuel spend especially as fuel is very expensive now

    3. Increase profit margin

    Investing in a fuel monitoring system has the long term benefit of increased profit margin. (During sales calls, ask average trip length and diesel spend. calculate 5% savings per trip and expected savings in a year)

    4. Better quotes

    You can provide better fare quotations to clients, as you will have an accurate estimate of fuel spend. As diesel cost is increasing but fares are not, this can improve your margin.

    5. Route planning

    Looking at the fuel expense pattern over a period, you can easily spot the roads or route sections where fuel expense is higher. Alternatives can be accordingly planned for better cost efficiency.

    6. Fuel purchase efficiency

    You will be able to identify and mark the fuel pumps where correct volume is provided. Accordingly managers can guide drivers to get diesel from specified petrol pumps only.

    7. Driver performance

    You will find out how honest your driver is. Accordingly you can incentivize good drivers to foster loyalty and performance.. Looking at average fuel spend over certain periods and sectors, you can spot driving issues - like too much overspending or downhill driving with engine switched off.

    8. Better Vehicle maintenance

    By checking and comparing fuel spend and vehicle average, you can easily spot vehicle issues and do maintenance work on time. Not only this will lead to savings, it will enhance vehicle life and performance.

    9. Better Cost estimate and planning ahead

    More efficient budgets can be done by looking at seasonal and periodical fuel expenses. Better planning and cost control will be easier for busier periods.

    10. Easier accounting

    As you can easily get fuel spent during any specified period without searching for paper receipts, it will make accounting and payment processing smoother.

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