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10 Ridiculous Articles That Made Me Laugh Today

This are the funniest "news" articles I came across today.


    1. ‘Wasted Life’, Says 77-Year-Old Rabbi Who Just Learned Celibacy Not Required

    Having just learned that he didn’t have to be celibate to do his job, 77-year-old Rabbi Moshe Sprecher has been looking back on his life with immense regret.

    2. Parents Warn Son Sex Not As Fun As It Looks When They Do It

    Embarrassed after he caught them in the middle of an ecstatic session of kinky sex, parents of 13-year-old Luke Da Silva warned him that despite what he might think based on the killer coitus he just witnessed, sex is rarely as fun as it looks like when they moan in pleasure while doing it rough and calling each other nasty names.

    3. Ethical Carnivore Only Eats Animals With No Sexual Misconduct Allegations

    Insisting on not wanting to contribute to agricultural rape culture, Stuart Preston refuses to benefit from any animal that may have been guilty of sexual harassment.

    4. Man Not Nearly As Cool As Obituary Suggests

    As people mourned the death of 65-year-old Gerald Teller, people who knew him were quick to point out that the allegedly devoted husband and father never even came close to being as cool as his obituary suggested. READ MORE...

    5. 10-Year-Old’s Diary Shows Complete Misunderstanding Of 3-Act-Structure

    Writing every day in her diary as if she weren’t utterly clueless about the basics of storytelling, 10-year-old Amanda Truby is showing a total lack of understanding of the 3-act-structure. READ MORE...

    6. Woman Ruins Future By Spilling Cereal Milk On Vision Board

    After months of looking at her carefully crafted piece of cardboard to manifest the future of abundance she wants and deserves, 29-year-old Kelly Ferguson inadvertently threw her bright future away when she spilled milk from her Cinnamon Toast Crunch on her vision board. READ MORE...

    7. UFOlogist Finally Makes Contact With Father

    After years of hard efforts and nobody believing in his so-called impossible dream, UFOlogist Edward Baldwin finally managed to enter into contact with the man who abandonned him when he was eight years old. READ MORE...

    8. God Spotted At Chicxulub Crater Revisiting Crime Scene

    65 million years after his heinous crime, the creator of all things was seen coming back to the very same spot where he brutally committed a genocide against the dinosaurs and half of all plants and animals. READ MORE...

    9. Funniest Man In Group Secretly Hated By Second Funniest Man

    As Leo Harold was socializing with a new group of people, he realized his status as the group’s funniest man had been taken over by Benjamin Sanders, the new funniest guy around and “major asshole” according to Harold. READ MORE...

    10. WHO Recommends Drinking Camel Urine To Sick Fucks That Are Into That

    After a surprising discovery during a study involving several volunteer creeps, the World Health Organization now recommends drinking camel urine to sick fucks that are into that. READ MORE...

    Thanks @lovingkindnesscomedy.

    You made me laugh out loud.

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